Every learning community is different and sustainable Farm to School programs require developing projects and initiatives that reflect an individual school’s culture, values, and needs. What better way to get to know the school than by sharing a meal? As the TBAISD Farm to School team put together spring Farm to School action plans, we stopped by each of our nine partner elementary schools for lunch. Pictured below are the lunches we ate.

Buckley Community Schools, 02/14/2018.
Tater-tot casserole, green beans, homemade apple crisp,
salad bar.
Courtade Elementary School, 02/01/2018.
Grilled cheese, tomato soup, salad bar.
Frankfort Elementary School, 02/05/2018.
Homemade lasagna, breadstick, sweet potato tater-tots.

Mill Creek Elementary School, 02/12/2018.
Cheeseburger, potato smiles, salad bar.
Northport Public School, 02/06/2018.
“Local Tuesday” Breaded chicken drumsticks, roasted root
vegetables, berry crisp, salad bar.
Central Grade School, 01/25/2018.
Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, roll, salad bar.

Suttons Bay Elementary School, 01/31/2018.
Chicken nuggets, Tostitos, stir fry vegetables, salad bar.
Westwoods Elementary School, 01/29/2018.
Chicken popper bowl, salad bar.
Glen Lake Community School, 01/26/2018.
“Farm to School Friday” Creamy chicken stew,
focaccia, apple cherry crisp, salad bar.